Saturday, June 14, 2008

1st post...

and second blog! How lovely to be able to communicate to the ether through this lovely forum!

I'll introduce myself I suppose as Phaedra Phoenix, Auntie Felt or just plain Oddsoxx sometimes!
I'm a English chick with a home-school heart, Waldorf inspired, mother of two starry boys - Donovan Boy & Little Gandalf & wife to a talented musician, writer and philanthropic husband of 11 years, he's usually Cricket or The Hairy One! We live in a tree house but will retreat to the woods for the Summer whilst teaching Summer workshops too!

I'm honoured to be counted as one of the DragonFly Artisans alongside some really talented and creative beings I get to call my friends!! We will start out adventure together creating both our own works and collaboratively and will offer them at our shows and at our Etsy shops. You may find tutorials, patterns for sale, certainly some silliness and tips and tricks for your own use. Thanks for coming by, visit again and comment often!!

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