Sunday, December 7, 2008

Enchanted Musing...

What's New with Enchanted Musing:

Craft show -
December 12th 12 noon to 6pm
The Promenade at Howard Hughes
(also known as "The Bridge")
6081 Center Drive
Los Angeles, CA 90045
My Etsy Shop:

Check out the new items going into the shop this week:
Holiday yarn ornaments
"Koko" Amigurumi Dolls
Altered Journals
Cup cakes!!

Enchanted Musing on Etsy

Stop by my shop or see me personally at the craft show!!


Sunday, November 23, 2008

kats in the belfry

kats in the belfry

as pia mentioned in the last post - thank you pia! - i have finally opened my etsy shop!!! right now i've only got shakespeare people listed, but the shop will be filled tomorrow (monday) with the rest of my creations.

once the shop is filled to the brim for your holiday shopping pleasure, i'll post an announcement. you can either check back here, at my blog, at the shop, or sign up to get all posts by email - whichever you prefer.


Saturday, November 22, 2008

Etsy Shops

The Dragonfly Artisans have been working hard to bring you all of their talents. This, of course, includes Etsy shops!

Recent Etsy shops include:

Enchanted Musing
kats in the belfry

in addition to existing Etsy shops by:

Something out of Nothing (Phoenix Gift)

Stop by, peruse our shops, say "hi" and find just the perfect gift for your family and friends!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Something out of Nothing Workshops

There's a new workshop offered on Sept 21st at A Mano Yarn Center in Venice 9am-12pm on Painting with Wool, sign up at the shop and get your spot! ( limited spaces)
Here's some info on what's coming up this Autumn and Winter from PhaedraPhoenix, pick your favourite or design one for yourself, a group or party.

All workshops offered can be tailored to fit any schedule. Only 3 person minimum required. available times are Mondays: 9-1pm & after 6pm, Tuesdays: 9-1pm , Thursdays: 9-1pm & after 6pm, Fridays: 9-1pm Saturdays & Sundays: by appointment - email -
Beginning basics in dry or wet felting : 2 hours - $20 plus materials fee $7:
Dry needle felt- flat or 3d pumpkins, toadstool, fruit, flowers or small animals, could choose a different one each week to make a horn of plenty!
Sculpted Wool Doll-Making - 4-6 hours -$45 plus $12 materials fee
Here's your chance to make a captivating, magical wool doll to proudly display in your home and sturdy enough for gentle child's play. The finished 8" doll will have pose-able arms and an armature base. We will pay attention to decorating details and cover techniques for creating clothing of various styles and cultures (including shawls, aprons and accessories) and hair-dressing options. Bring your imagination!

Tall Tale Tree Sculpture - 4-6 hours $45 plus $12 materials fee
A really fun class for any level. Learn how to make a 3-dimensional, free-standing tree sculpture ready for the current season. The piece stands about 8-10" and upon completion of this class, you'll have learned the techniques for making wool tall and sturdy for play!
Painting with wool 2-3 hours - $35 plus $5 materials fee
Create your own unique wall hanging from your imagination, a picture, painting or even a poem. Perfect for beginning or advanced felters. We will pay attention to the nuances of ‘painting’ or the layering with wool and how to make the roving take on different textures like water, stone, wood, flower etc.
At the completion of this class, you will have a one of a kind frame-able piece of art for your home or simply use it to embellish a felted purse!

Fantasy Playscape 6-8 hours - $60 plus $12 materials fee –
One of the most challenging but satisfying workshops! You will learn every trick in the book (or close to it!) using many skills and techniques to sculpt your very own land of happy!

Pee-wee People 2 hours - $20 plus $5 materials fee–
From mermaids to queens, gnomes to pixies, fairies to unicorns, just what you need to fill your beautiful designs with something ‘alive!’ Based on the fabulous Wee Felt Folk by Salley Mavor, wrap technique and both traditional Waldorf techniques and new original patterns using wood frame - best suited to those who like to work in small formats and basic sewing and embroidery skills are required. Create every character you may wish in mini format!
URBAN farm 2 hours - $20 plus $5 materials fee –
All the how-to’s in the animal realm! From frogs and foxes to dogs and donkeys, pigs, sheep, cows, chickens and their eggs!
(pig made by Julie)

Design your own workshop - Min group of 3 people and 2 hours. Don’t see what you really have a desire to learn or make? Design your own workshops for private groups or a really different birthday party with spectacular results.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

chn expo donation

we are excited to be donating a prize to chn's expo next weekend! most of us in the cooperative are homeschoolers; with the (truly) odd woman out homeschooling during her boys' summer break.

if you will be at the expo, take a look at our offering at the registration table, & let us know what you think. 3 of us shall be at the expo, so please look for us as well, & do say 'hello!'

because enchanted musing (aka paper2yarn ) is teaching a disney homeschool session, she asked that our donation have a disney theme.

here is a sneak-peek at kats in the belfry's (wip) contribution:

more photos to come :-)
good luck to all who are in the running for the raffle prize!!!!

new dragonfly artisan!

i am thrilled to announce we have a new mama-artist joining our little cooperative!! as she has yet to choose a name for her company, or to build her blog, i cannot send you anywhere. introductions shall have to be the old-fashioned way...

readers, meet madame x - madame x, readers.

our newest artisan is very talented in many mediums... drawing, felting, crocheting; you name it, she does it, & well.

she is also a very sweet & funny woman. the dragonfly artisans have adored her personally for years, & are so happy we can now adore her professionally as well. that didn't come out the way i meant it, but you get the idea.

welcome madame x! **edited to add:** blue-eyed crow!!!!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Dive into Dye...

Wanna come and play in my paint box?...with dyes that is! Yep on July 31st, high in the hilly region known as ' The Top' ( to me only) we will try a mega day of dye colourisation with yarn, silks, felt, wool and maybe even try and fix some bad washing jobs....past session pic..more to come after Thursday!

Try a little colouring yourself with Kool Aid or get the real deal with these that I love from Winterwood!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Summer Workshops 2008!

Fantasy 3D Playscape with Phaedra Phoenix - Full
Great for beginners and experienced felters alike as it provides many 3-D construction skills, preparing students to create and work on their own designs at home. The opportunity to engage your own creativity is almost limitless and so it is a very liberating class.
The playmat part of your creation will be about 10 inches square, this can be a hand felted base or felted sweater. We then build our layers of design. Perhaps a cave or fairy glen is your fancy, or a tree stump, a river or stream rolling through the landscape among rocks. You may want to add a wooden bridge, flowers or a toadstool clump. Maybe you'll create a mermaid lagoon or desert island complete with palm trees and sand and water lapping at the edge. Create your fantasy playscape from your own imagination, a picture or book. NO PREVIOUS FELTING EXPERIENCE REQUIRED! Tools and supplies provided, you are welcome to bring your own.

Summer Knitting Circle Workshop with Mary Beth
Come with your own projects and let the skills and grace of Mary Beth help you along. You may be a beginner or halfway through a complex project, no matter! Plenty of smiles, support and shared skills abound with this knitting group.

Dying Your Project with Phaedra - Full
Create your own unique play-silks, felt colours, wool roving or custom yarn ready for other projects with natural dyes from Australia. I’m basically doing my own dying session anyway and no dye should be wasted, so please join me and enjoy! Bring your own projects, gloves and paintbrushes! I’ll make snacks!

Waldorf Dollmaking with Phaedra - Full
Have a doll half finished and need some group energy to get it done? Want to experience the magic of making your own doll with traditional Waldorf techniques? Have never done any doll-making before and want to learn how? All levels of sewers are welcome to create your very own unique doll. Choose your comfort level of making directly from the pattern or start with a pre-sewn body. You will learn how to form a head, sew and piece your doll together and correct stuffing techniques to ensure the “life” of your doll!

Vision Doll Workshop with Phaedra. Open/TBC
Autumn - Capture your moment in time by creating a personal doll from what is presented in a very unique way. An extremely liberating class that may also be used for maturing teen girls to creatively and positively express themselves. Only basic sewing skills required. Original patterns will be created and used.

Tall Tale Tree Workshop with Phaedra. Open/TBC
Autumn - Create your very own felted tree 8-15 " with it's own freestanding base, for use on a nature table or just as a perfectly interesting center piece or home decor your friends will go wild for!

1st post...

and second blog! How lovely to be able to communicate to the ether through this lovely forum!

I'll introduce myself I suppose as Phaedra Phoenix, Auntie Felt or just plain Oddsoxx sometimes!
I'm a English chick with a home-school heart, Waldorf inspired, mother of two starry boys - Donovan Boy & Little Gandalf & wife to a talented musician, writer and philanthropic husband of 11 years, he's usually Cricket or The Hairy One! We live in a tree house but will retreat to the woods for the Summer whilst teaching Summer workshops too!

I'm honoured to be counted as one of the DragonFly Artisans alongside some really talented and creative beings I get to call my friends!! We will start out adventure together creating both our own works and collaboratively and will offer them at our shows and at our Etsy shops. You may find tutorials, patterns for sale, certainly some silliness and tips and tricks for your own use. Thanks for coming by, visit again and comment often!!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

pacifica spring fair!

come see us at our 2nd show!
when: this saturday, the 31st of may
time: 1:00 to 5:30
where: 3754 dunn drive, los angeles 90034
(off venice blvd., between hughes & clarington)
a sampling of some of the creations you can purchase:
crocheted buckets, natural soaps, felt toys, market bags, drawing kits, jewelry & hair accessories
plus oh so much more!!! please head over, & look for the dragonfly artisans banner!
see you there :-)

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

next show

the artisans will have a booth at pacifica's spring fair on saturday the 31st of may.

more details soon.

*** welcome***

if you're looking for any of the creative, & talented women of dragonfly artisans, you've come to the right place.

here you'll find announcements, shop updates, & show information.

for now, check out the artisan's blogs... over there

*if you're interested in purchasing anything, please contact the women directly.*