Sunday, July 27, 2008

chn expo donation

we are excited to be donating a prize to chn's expo next weekend! most of us in the cooperative are homeschoolers; with the (truly) odd woman out homeschooling during her boys' summer break.

if you will be at the expo, take a look at our offering at the registration table, & let us know what you think. 3 of us shall be at the expo, so please look for us as well, & do say 'hello!'

because enchanted musing (aka paper2yarn ) is teaching a disney homeschool session, she asked that our donation have a disney theme.

here is a sneak-peek at kats in the belfry's (wip) contribution:

more photos to come :-)
good luck to all who are in the running for the raffle prize!!!!


Jorge said...

Hello friend: it wanted invitarte that you visit blog that I am making with my students of second year of the secondary one on the DISCRIMINATION.
arduous and interesting Subject.
Surely it will be of your affability.
We invited to you that you read what pleases of him and makes an opinion on he himself.
Its contribution will be valuable.
In blog it will find a translator of the page in several languages if he needs it.
A hug from Argentina.

(^oo^) bad girl (^oo^) said...

Well well well......